Engineered bamboo for Sustainable Development
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Open a new way to conceive bamboo as an Engineering material

Turning CO2 into homes, that’s the project BambHaus wants to take up in strategic alliance or BambooCorp in Colombia. 

The project consists in building houses with Engineered bamboo based on Guadua bamboo fibres. The Engineered bamboo developed stores the carbon dioxide absorbed 
by bamboo  while growing, avoids the emissions from replaced materials and so reduces CO2 levels in the atmosphere.


Engineered bamboo
The high performance of this material is due to the intrinsic properties of bamboo and its manufacturing process. The Bamboo absorbs more carbon than any other vegetable species because of its quick  growth rate (≈ 21 cm/day).


Sustainable development

A human scale innovative project; The Engineered bamboo requires, for its fabrication, little energy and small machines to produce a high quality composite material. The innovative ease of this new composite manufacturing makes the whole project reproducible in other geographical areas.

Another advantage is the development of Latin American local economies where the manufacturing takes place; people will play the main part in the whole project. Locals will grow bamboo and create small networks of industries to turn Guadua into building materials and produce environment sustainable houses. Minimal dependency on technologies and resources from developed countries will be guaranteed.


Francisco Gallo Mejía
Project CEO - Altran Award 2008  |