Engineered bamboo for Sustainable Development
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The Altran Foundation support

The Altran Foundation for Innovation
Since it was created in 1996, the Altran Foundation for Innovation has supported and promoted technological innovation for human benefit. The Altran Foundation is a vehicle for civic commitment, seeking to mobilise the Group’s resources around creative and innovative. The Foundation’s efforts are centred on an international award recognising a technological innovation in the public interest. The award theme changes every year.


The 2008 Award
The 2008 theme was “Reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere: our technological challenge!" BambHaus was the laureate project amongst more than 150 candidates.


Altran commitment
The Altran Foundation is a pioneer in sponsoring innovation projects. It offers winning projects one year of support by Group engineers.
Since early 2009, Altran Consultants have started the new engineered bamboo production and its promotion through the world. During one year, they will put their skills under the project’s disposal.

Several objectives have been defined after the project audit:

      • Develop building components made of engineered bamboo (BambHaus System)
      • Design a prototype home
      • Define the business model
      • Implement a project financial structure
      • Launch the economic circuit in Colombia
      • Promote international development
      • Launch new innovations based on the product

More about the Foundation: 

BambHaus (PDF document)

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Francisco Gallo Mejía
Project CEO - Altran award 2008  |